Panthenol Spray, 4.59 oz/ 130 ml
Panthenol Spray, 4.59 oz/ 130 ml
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Panthenol Spray, 4.59 oz/ 130 ml

Panthenol Spray, 4.59 oz/ 130 ml

SKU: 203228

Remedy for symptoms of solar and thermal burns.

Excellent means of external use, aimed at tissue regeneration and improvement of trophic.
Panthenol spray, known in the world of pharmaceuticals as Panthenol, is used for dermatitis, as well as to eliminate the effects of burns on the skin.
The product has received worldwide recognition due to its high efficiency and harmlessness to the body. It is recommended by leading experts from many countries of the world.

Promotes healing of skin damage from sun and thermal burns, reduces pain and burning sensation, helps to prevent the occurrence of bubbles. Softens and moisturizes the skin.
Directions: apply spray externally as required by spraying from a distance of 10-20 cm so that the entire surface of the damaged skin is covered with foam. Number of applications per day is not limited.
Before use, shake bottle.


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