Ovesol, 40 Tabs (Evalar)
Ovesol, 40 Tabs (Evalar)
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Brand: Evalar
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Ovesol, 40 Tabs (Evalar)

Helps to softly clean liver and improve Choleretic functions.
AVENASOL Tablets is the complex of biologically active substances of extracts of oats in milk stage, turmeric roots, Bupleurum grass, St.-John’s wort flowers, peppermint leaves.Due to thorougly selected components, AVENASOL Drops and Tablets have detoxifying effect on the liver, restore drainage functions of bile passages, eliminate bile engorgement, promote dissolving and extraction of liver biliary calculus.

Oats in milk stage used in tablets have a favorable effect in case of liver intoxication and liver functional disorders.

St.-John’s wort promotes elimination of bile congestion and improvement of bile composition.

Turmeric has choleretic and anti-inflammatory action.

Mint peppermint has spasmalytic activity that is especially important for liver cleansing.

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I am glad that the package finally came. It might get lost in the mail. But it did not.
Thanks god of post

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