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Kiev Bread, 1 pc
Kiev Bread, 1 pc

Manhattan & Bronx delivery

Kiev Bread, 1 pc
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Kiev Bread, 1 pc


Manhattan & Bronx delivery


If you deem that you know what bread tastes like, be sure you are mistaken! Only original inartificial Kiev bread will give the idea of what true bread is!

For centuries bread has been the centerpiece of Slavic cuisine. It was widely used both for food needs and for medical and cosmetic purposes. Over the period of bread existence there appeared a plenty of different recipes. But the most popular and durable proved to be the recipe of Kiev bakers as they managed to elaborate unique combination of ingredients and produce both delicious and useful product!
This unique sort has survived the Soviet period and is now produced as separate brand «Kiev bread». It is invariably beloved by consumers of every age and taste!

We offer our customers to feel unforgettable taste of the legendary Kiev bread just from the Ukraine - the cradle of the Slavic civilization! Made of the best primary products this bread demonstrates not only perfect palatability but also remarkable useful properties! Enjoy it with your friends and relatives!

Ingredients: Rye flour, water, natural sour yeast, salt, sugar.


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