Ryazhenka Fresh Made, 32 oz / 0.94 L

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Fresh Made

Ryazhenka Fresh Made Description

Sour-milk products are appreciated not only for their beneficial properties but as well for smooth and delicate taste.

We offer to the attention of our customers gentle, delicate and exquisitely useful Lifeway Ryazhenka! Company Lifeway is known world-wide for its quality production of miscellaneous sour-milk products. All of them are of the superb taste but Ryazhenka is really one of Lifeway masterpieces! It is made of the best and absolutely natural primary products using traditional recipes from Russia! Microelements and vitamins combined in Ryazhenka in ideal proportion account for its usefulness for the young and the old, men and women, healthy and diseased alike! And apart from numerous useful properties it possesses an exquisite taste indeed!


Ryazhenka Fresh Made, 32 oz / 0.94 L
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