Tula Gingerbread with Fruit Filling, 4.93 oz / 140 g

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Tula Gingerbread with Fruit Filling Description

Tula gingerbread is an amazing Russian delicacy. Tula gingerbread is a dainty treat in the form of souvenir, greeting card, or a toy decorated in the best national traditions.

Not a single holiday in Russia was held without these sweet and fragrant goodies. Gingerbread was a must at many holiday feasts. They served as gifts to the loved ones. They were present as at the Royal table, and at the peasants'.

Even today Tula gingerbread remains a wonderful fragrant gift, a toy and a souvenir.

Don't hesitate to buy this satisying delicacy made from premium quality floor with fruit fillin and honey! It is a non-trivial traditional present to your friends, a unique and tasty decoration of any holiday table! 


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These come prepackaged so they stay fresh. They remind me of our trip to St. Petersburg. They look and taste the same as what we had in Russia.
This gingerbread is tasty but little bit crumbly.
Very tasty and rich flavor, fruit filling is awesome.