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Essentuki No. 4 Mineral Water, 1.5 liters/ 50.72 fl oz
Essentuki No. 4 Mineral Water, 1.5 liters/ 50.72 fl oz
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Essentuki No. 4 Mineral Water, 1.5 liters/ 50.72 fl oz
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Essentuki No. 4 Mineral Water, 1.5 liters/ 50.72 fl oz

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"Essentuki No. 4" — natural mineral water, medical and canteen drinking carbonated. Chloride-bicarbonate (bicarbonate-chloride) sodium, boric medium mineralization 7-10 g/l. It has a mild salty taste.
Nature has been forming Essentuki for more than 800 years: rain and meltwater seep through the rocks of the Caucasus Mountains, which dissolve under the action of the ancient volcano Elbrus, enriching the water with useful minerals and gases.
Essentuki No. 4 mineral water has a beneficial effect on the body:
• helps to improve the function of the immune system,
• effective as part of complex therapy for acute respiratory viral infections, has an anti-inflammatory effect,
• helps to remove toxins from the body,
• helps to maintain health and protect the body from the negative effects of the environment,
• Helps maintain water-salt, acid-base and lipid balance,
• has a positive effect on the condition of the gastrointestinal tract,
• normalizes insulin production,
• promotes the normalization of metabolism,
• it is a source of useful minerals.
The unique composition of water has been formed in the depths for more than 800 years and contains more than 30 different minerals, including calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, silicon and boron.
Basic ionic composition, mg/dm3(mg/l):
Bicarbonates, HCO3 3400-4800
Sulfates, SO42 <25
Chlorides, Cl 1300-2000
Calcium, Ca2 <150
Magnesium, Mg2 <100
Sodium + Potassium, Na⁺+K 2000-3000
Biologically active components, mg/dm3 (mg/l):
Carbon dioxide CO2-500-1800 in the source,
Orthoboric acid H3VO3 - 30-60.
Mineralization g/dm3(g/l): 7.0-10.0
Medium mineralized. Natural precipitation of mineral salts is allowed.

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Lightly carbonated, very odd taste, not like any other mineral or sparkling water I've ever tasted - like not-great well water taste. Well wrapped and packaged by RussianFoodUSA, fast shipping too.

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