Sitro Soda, 11.15 oz / 330 ml
Sitro Soda, 11.15 oz / 330 ml

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Sitro Soda, 11.15 oz / 330 ml

Sitro Soda, 11.15 oz / 330 ml

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Citro was the most popular beverage among soviet people. This legendary drink was almost a symbol of soviet weekdays. It was extensively consumed by people of every age ranging from children to pensioners. Citro was even reflected in the most popular soviet movies!
This beverage was invented in the Soviet Union and in no time Citro became widespread the huge country. Its recipe was quite ingenious and simple and consisted in combination citric acid, sugar, flavorings and syrups of different citrus fruits.

Today there is an obvious new wave of popularity of the specific soviet beverages among which the leading position undoubtedly takes Citro. Contemporary companies engaged in the production of citro and similar drinks strive to follow old traditions and recipes.

We would like to invite you to taste genuine Citro of Chernogolovkaв's manufacture. The unique combination of juicy ripe oranges and refreshing lemons endows this drink with flavor of joy and fiesta! Produced according to the age-old recipes Citro keeps its authentic taste and possesses a number of useful properties.

Citro is incredibly invigorating and refreshing! And this is not surprising that it hasn't lost the national recognition by now! There is no doubt that nothing on Earth can quench thirst during summertime better than it does a glass of cool Citro!
Please your relatives and friends with original flavor of the legendary soviet Citro!

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