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Baikal Drink Description

The legendary soviet beverage Baikal initially was conceived as a domestic equivalent of American Coca-Cola. The widespread legend suggests that in advance of the Olympic Games in Moscow soviet the scientists were assigned to overtake Western Powers and in particular USA. In certain respect it was a matter of nation-wide importance!

However for the first time Baikal was put on sale in 1976. It possessed dark brown color similar to that of the foreign prototype and subtle fragrance of natural herbs. In general it was non-alcoholic drink featured by excellent tonic and restorative properties ensured by the extracts and essences of Eleutherococcus, St. John's Wort, laurel and some other plants. It also contains essential oils of lemon and eucalyptus.

Nowadays Baikal enjoys stable, unshakeable popularity. In Russia it is among the most best-selling carbonated beverages. Baikal efficiently quenches thirst, refreshes, invigorates and demonstrates remarkable tonic characteristics.

It is recommended for everybody’s use with the exception of those suffering from diabetes as well as those who have to restrict their fluid consumption.

We offer you to try genuine flavor of soviet Baikal of Chernogolovka’s manufacture. It is made in compliance with traditional recipes and techniques involving only natural ingredients.

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Drinks of Chernogolovka's sodas are all good -- I've had their Baikal, Tarkhun, Buratino, and Duchess (Pear), and loved them all. The Baikal is like a spicy cola, to my palate... I want to say it is almost a ginger Coca-Cola, but that is not quite right. In any case, it's delicious and I recommend you get some!