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Shurpa Seasoning, Aleco, 20g/ 0.71oz
Shurpa Seasoning, Aleco, 20g/ 0.71oz
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Shurpa Seasoning, Aleco, 20g/ 0.71oz
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Shurpa Seasoning, Aleco, 20g/ 0.71oz



Shurpa seasoning is a mixture of aromatic and spicy ingredients designed to give a rich taste and aroma to a traditional Central Asian dish – shurpa. Shurpa is a thick, rich soup, which is usually made from lamb or beef, vegetables and spices. The seasoning for this dish helps to emphasize the taste of each ingredient, making the shurpa even more fragrant and delicious.
Usually the seasoning for shurpa includes the following components:
Hot red pepper – gives the dish a sharpness and piquancy.
Ground black pepper adds depth of flavor and pleasant aroma.
Ground sweet paprika – makes the color of the soup bright and attractive.
Turmeric – turns the shurpa into a beautiful golden color and adds a light sweetness.
Dried basil gives a spicy, fresh and herbaceous taste.
Dried dill – adds a dill flavor and a slight bitterness.
Dried parsley – adds a fresh note to the dish and complements the flavor.
Ground coriander – gives a delicate, spicy and slightly sweet taste.

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