Shark Cartilage Body Cream/ Collagen Joint Repair,
Shark Cartilage Body Cream/ Collagen Joint Repair, "In 60 as in 30" 125 ml/ 4.23 oz
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Shark Cartilage Body Cream/ Collagen Joint Repair,
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Shark Cartilage Body Cream/ Collagen Joint Repair, "In 60 as in 30" 125 ml/ 4.23 oz

Recommended use
Apply the cream to the body with light circular movements for 3-5 minutes until completely absorbed 2-3 times a day.
The cream is intended for daily use.
Individual component intolerance.
No side effects were detected.
In case of allergic reactions, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
Space technology body cream. In 60 as in 30 with shark cartilage and collagen - a natural remedy developed jointly by Korolevpharm and the NGO Space rehabilitation medicine specifically to prevent premature and age-related degenerative and dystrophic processes in tissues and active renewal.
Contains all the main structural components of cartilage and synovial fluid in a bioavailable form. Improves metabolic processes in tissues, stimulates regeneration, and helps strengthen the ligamentous apparatus. With the help of a nano-structure, the active components of the cream easily pass through the skin barrier and quickly reach the goal, concentrating there and acting for up to 24 hours. Actively contributes to the update processes. Thanks to the warming effect, it improves microcirculation.
Shark cartilage is an excellent bioavailable source of essential chondroitin. Chondroitin is the main structural component of cartilage and a natural protector (chondroprotector) of its cells. Increases the moisture capacity of the cartilage, prevents it from drying out. It slows down the resorption (destruction) of bone tissue, improves the phosphorus-calcium exchange in cartilage tissue, stimulates the restoration of worn-out joint tissues, and improves the quality of joint lubrication.
Due to the high concentration of calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and various proteins, it accelerates the healing of bone fractures.
Glucosamine is an essential element of cartilage. Provides the production of chondroitin, improves metabolic processes in the joints. It stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans necessary for the restoration of cartilage tissue, as well as the synthesis of proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid in synovial fluid. Inhibits the development of degenerative processes in the joints, reduces pain.
Collagen is a fibrillar protein that is the basis of the body's connective tissue (tendons, cartilage, bone, dermis, etc.) and provides its strength and elasticity.
In cases of joint diseases, it helps restore cartilage and improve the quality of synovial fluid, strengthens ligaments.
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