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Presto Gel, 25g/ 0.88 oz
Presto Gel, 25g/ 0.88 oz
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Presto Gel, 25g/ 0.88 oz
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Presto Gel, 25g/ 0.88 oz

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Ointment for the treatment of hemorrhoids.
The basis of such ointment is water, so it penetrates faster without forming a lipid film that can "clog" the pores in the skin and cause irritation due to prolonged exposure to the surface.
Local effect of the ointment develops in the first 10 minutes of use.
Constituent substances practically do not penetrate into the systemic circulation, most of them act at the site of application.
The ointment is consumed quite sparingly.
Very little gel is needed for one application. Usually one tube can be enough for two courses of treatment.
✔  Designed for more than 100 uses
✔️ Contains natural ingredients
✔️ Designed and manufactured in Israel

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