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Natural Polyfler Honey
Natural Polyfler Honey "Tavolga", Berestov A.S., 500g / 17.64 oz
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Natural Polyfler Honey
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Natural Polyfler Honey "Tavolga", Berestov A.S., 500g / 17.64 oz

Brand: Berestov


Nutritional value per 100 g
320 kcal
0.1 proteins
10 fats
80.3 carbohydrates
Ingredients: natural honey
Unique rare honey!
Color: from light cream to light brown.
The main honey plants: meadowsweet (labaznik), angelica, buckwheat may be present.
Taste: light honey aroma with almond notes. Vanilla flavor with a tart spicy bitterness.
Healthy properties: it has tonic, bactericidal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, wound healing, antiemetic and diuretic properties.
It is used as treatment of: heart failure, weakened immunity, colds, gastrointestinal diseases, stressful conditions, depression, insomnia.

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