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Natural Chestnut Honey, 17.65 oz / 500 g
Natural Chestnut Honey, 17.65 oz / 500 g
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Natural Chestnut Honey, 17.65 oz / 500 g
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Natural Chestnut Honey, 17.65 oz / 500 g

Brand: Berestov


Among the many different varieties and types of natural honey chestnut honey takes its rightful place because on its unique taste and properties. 
Honey bouquet: Honey has a noble color of red wood, shimmering in the sun with maroon shades. Aged, naturally sweet taste with a peppery aftertaste and a slight bitterness. Spicy, ripe and deep aroma of oak with notes of walnut, maple, and a slight hint of cinnamon.
Beneficial properties: Useful properties of chestnut honey are due to the presence of the antiseptic and bactericidal qualities. Also a number of vitamins is widely represented in its content - carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, tocopherol, folic, nicotinic and ascorbic acid. It contains a considerable amount of valuable trace elements (manganese, magnesium, barium, iodine, iron, copper), tannins, and enzymes necessary for functioning of digestive tract, involved in carbohydrate metabolism.

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