Natural Altai Honey "May", 1.1 lb / 500 g (Berestov)

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Natural Altai Honey "May" Description

Botanical composition: steppe grasses (may contain willow and sage, lungwort, acacia, oregano, cherries, angelica Siberian and other valuable honey plants)
Origin: Altay region
Honey Bouquet: Velvety melting generous notes of herbs blended with delicate shades of fruit with gentle minty aftertaste. Bright individuality varieties expressed a perfect balance of taste and sensory perfect sunlight.
Directions: The healing properties of honey are determined by the widest range of application - for the treatment of colds, insomnia, and nervous system disorders, atherosclerosis, certain liver diseases, as well as externally - as an anti-bacterial and styptic. May honey dissolved in pure water is used to treat eye diseases. Traditional natural calming and sedativa is warm tea or milk with honey at bedtime.
With its light pleasant aroma May honey is perfect for adding to a variety of desserts, pastries, cottage cheese and cereal.
Food and energy value per 100 g: carbohydrates - 80,3 g, calories - 324 kcal.
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