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Decaf Chicory Drink Taiga Coffee
Decaf Chicory Drink Taiga Coffee "Classic", Taiga is Nearby, 130g/ 4.59oz
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Decaf Chicory Drink Taiga Coffee
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Decaf Chicory Drink Taiga Coffee "Classic", Taiga is Nearby, 130g/ 4.59oz

Brand: Specialist


Powdered chicory, pine nut extract, red root extract, chaga extract.
It does not contain preservatives, dyes and flavors.
Nutritional value 100g:
protein 3.5
fat 0.5
carbohydrates 56
calories 240
Taiga coffee is a drink with a Siberian character. From the first sip, cedar gives all its amazing power, having a strengthening effect on the body, charging with energy and optimism.
Taiga coffee "Northern" has a bright tart taste of cedar flavor, perfectly invigorates and warms.
Cedar extract, red root and chaga are natural Altai ingredients that are decaffeinated, allow you to get pleasure and pleasant emotions, like from a cup of high–quality coffee.
Cedar extract promotes:
- strengthening of immunity
- beneficial effect on the nervous system
- faster recovery
Red root promotes:
- strengthening of tone and vitality
- positive effect on the female and male body
- powerful antioxidant activity
Chaga promotes:
- strengthening the body's defenses
- acceleration of metabolism
- cleansing the body of toxins and toxins
Chicory contributes to:
- improvement of the digestive process
- strengthening of the cardiovascular system
- reduction of fatigue and fatigue

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