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Bologna "Doctorskaya" Russian Brand, Gaiser's, 450g / 15.87oz
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Bologna "Doctorskaya" Russian Brand, Gaiser's, 450g / 15.87oz

Brand: Gaiser's
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Bologna is a versatile product that can be used in various dishes. Here are some ideas:
Sandwiches: The easiest way to use bologna is to make sandwiches. Cut the sausage into thin slices and put it on bread, adding cheese, vegetables or herbs to taste on top.
Salads: sausage can be a great ingredient for salads. Cut it into cubes and add it to any salad you like. This will give it additional satiety and taste.
Baking: you can bake sausage in the oven with potatoes, vegetables or cheese to get a delicious and satisfying dish.
Frying: You can fry a bologna in a frying pan with onions, tomatoes and other vegetables to make a quick and delicious dinner.
Omelets and scrambled eggs: Add sausage to an omelet or scrambled eggs to make them more satisfying and delicious.
Snacks: you can make various snacks from boiled sausage, for example, cut it into thin slices and fry it in a frying pan, and then serve with sauce and vegetables.

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