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All Natural Kefir Probiotic
All Natural Kefir Probiotic "Moscow", Biolife, 946ml/ 32oz
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All Natural Kefir Probiotic
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All Natural Kefir Probiotic "Moscow", Biolife, 946ml/ 32oz



Kefir is an excellent milk product produced by the fermentation of milk by yeast and lactic acid bacteria over a period of twenty-four hours. This product has a thinner consistency than yogurt, and it is rich in proteins, calcium and many other bioorganic substances. Kefir leaves a feeling good taste in your mouth, and this describes the name origin among the Russian and Eastern Europeans. We have produced the best quality Kefir under international hygienic standards for the consumption of our consumers, carefully and neatly packaged it and distributed it globally to bring it within your reach as our final consumer. Our brand focuses on excellence in the production process and quality satisfaction of our consumers. We want you always to be healthy with our feel good, Biolife Probiotics products; you can prevent and manage many diseases. Our product prices are fair, and our products are made to your satisfaction, buy from us!

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