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Sweet Flaxseed Crispbread with Cocoa
Sweet Flaxseed Crispbread with Cocoa "Pohrusti", 290g / 10.23oz
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Sweet Flaxseed Crispbread with Cocoa "Pohrusti", 290g / 10.23oz

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Nutritional value 100g:
Proteins 15.2g
Fats 35.0g
Carbohydrates 14.6g
Energy 434kcal
Flax seeds, natural cocoa powder, fructose.
Flaxseed bread - crispy snacks straight from the Altai fields! They will help you to satisfy your hunger with health benefits even on the go. After all, flaxseed is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and vegetable protein. Flax seeds will help to adjust the work of the intestine and thereby normalize weight.
Cocoa is an ingredient in many desserts. Epicatechin in cocoa improves cerebral circulation, and magnesium helps to cope with stress.
Chocolate flaxseed bread with cocoa is a combination of benefits and taste. Healthy sweets option. Now you can afford to enjoy the taste, restore strength and improve your mood even counting calories.

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