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Shortbread Cookies
Shortbread Cookies "Kurabye" SUGAR FREE, Petrodiet, 220g / 7.76oz
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Shortbread Cookies
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Shortbread Cookies "Kurabye" SUGAR FREE, Petrodiet, 220g / 7.76oz

Brand: Petrodiet
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Nutritional value of 100g:
protein 6g,
fat 20g,
carbohydrates 63g
Energy value 467 kcal
Kurabye is of Oriental origin. This delicacy, as well as its name, came to us from Arab countries. According to legend, the first kurabye was prepared at the court of the Persian sultan. It is said that during the military operations, almost all the Sultan's food was lost. However, the resourceful cook managed to get out of the situation. Instead of a luxurious cake, he created a wonderful cookie from the remains of flour, sugar, butter and egg white. This was the first original recipe for kurabye cookies, which delighted the Sultan and still pleases fans of sweets.
The shape of the shortbread cookies kurabye is completely uncomplicated. It consists of pieces of crumbly dough in the shape of a chamomile with a drop of apple or apricot jam in the middle. We repeated this creation according to our recipe - without sugar!

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