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Russian Chicory

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Russian Chicory

The brand “RUSSIAN CHICORY” was created in 2004 by our company as the first and only brand under which a variety of chicory products made in Russia are produced, thanks to the fact that our enterprise has a full production cycle - from harvesting root crops to their complete multi-stage processing into finished packaged products that are delivered to store shelves of all formats.

In a world where mass production rules and abundance is taken for granted, quality comes into play.

The name “Russian Chicory” is already very clearly associated among consumers with the high quality provided by the Russian manufacturer!

And this is not just our achievement! This is our philosophy! We believe that in a world where more and more consumers are switching to consuming foreign products, not caring at all about their quality, simply a priori believing that it is higher, although this is often a misconception, we were able to prove that products produced by a Russian manufacturer can be tasty, high quality and healthy!
And this is not surprising! After all, we invest all our knowledge, care for you, our dear customers, and love into the production of products!

We really care about you, and don't just make an advertisement out of it!