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Mono Loose Leaf Tea Rosehip,
Mono Loose Leaf Tea Rosehip, "Herbs & Bees", Medovy Dom, 40g/ 1.41oz
$ 5.99
Mono Loose Leaf Tea Rosehip,
SKU: 314689

Mono Loose Leaf Tea Rosehip, "Herbs & Bees", Medovy Dom, 40g/ 1.41oz

Brand: Medovy Dom


Ingredients: 100% rosehip
Natural fragrant herbs with rosehip. Herbs collected in the traditional way from the honey meadows of Russia retain their original taste and the benefits of natural vitamins. Fragrant herbs with rosehip are a natural complex of vitamins that support immunity and give energy. Rosehip is rich in vitamin C, which not only helps to resist viral diseases, but also supports skin tone.
No dyes
No preservatives
The aroma and pleasant taste of this tea will attract the attention of not only tea connoisseurs, but also people leading a healthy lifestyle.
For 20 years we have been collecting honey in the best honey-bearing regions of Russia, each of which is rich in its variety of herbs and berries.
The new collection of mono-teas “Herbs and Bees" includes: Rosehip, Chamomile, Peppermint, Ivan tea, Thyme. True connoisseurs of the tradition of cultural tea drinking will be able to appreciate the new line.
The rich aroma, useful properties and bright taste of milkweed will be another important step on the way to a healthy lifestyle

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