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Classic Oat Biscuits, BELIEVINI, 370g/ 13.05oz
Classic Oat Biscuits, BELIEVINI, 370g/ 13.05oz
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Classic Oat Biscuits, BELIEVINI, 370g/ 13.05oz



Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, 80% oil (palm oil, rapeseed oil), oatmeal, dextrose, leavening agent: baking soda, natural food coloring, caramel, cinnamon, salt, preservative: citric acid, flavors: vanilla, honey.
Believini is the culmination of our founders' dream to launch a natural ingredient brand that focused on preserving the integrity and nutritional value of products.
Natural foods that have been preserved to retain their organic composition are the backbone of eating well and maintaining a strong immune system. 
Harkening back to traditional methods of preservation, ranging from pickling, brining, and canning to more modern innovations of flash freezing that extends shelf life but retains the health benefits of each product. 
All of our products have no artificial flavors, no preservatives, are Non-GMO. 

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