Chocolate candy "Berestoff" Assorted Souffle with yogurt, dried apricots, prunes and honey, 5.3 oz

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Chocolate candy "Berestoff" Assorted Souffle with yogurt Description

The healthiest candy "Berestov" is delightfully tasty, useful, easy, 100% natural sweets. 
"Sweet must be useful" is the motto that created the sweets from the manufacturer. 
As part of the sweets souffle only natural ingredients. 
A key element of the usefulness of these sweets is honey. Honey is introduced into the product at the stage when its temperature does not rise above 40 degrees.
This allows you to save all the healing properties of honey.
Honey candies are cut in the shape of a hemisphere, which was achieved using a special technology of molding whipped mass.
Try, enjoy and be healthy!
Ingredients: confectionery glaze, sugar, dried apricots, prunes, natural honey, starch syrup, milk fat substitute, dry egg protein, dry yogurt, agar-agar (natural stabilizer), citric acid (acidity regulator), stevia (natural sweetener). May contain traces of hazelnuts and peanuts.
Nutritional value per 100g: proteins - 2.1 g; carbohydrates - 56.5 g; fats - 15.0 g, calories - 369 kcal / 1551 kJ.
Features: no GMO, no colorants, no preservatives. 
NET: 5.3 oz
Storage conditions: store in a dark dry place at a temperature of 14°C to 21°C (avoiding sudden changes in temperature) and a relative humidity of 75%.
Shelf life: 6 months
Country of origin: Russia
Chocolate candy Chocolate candy
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