Linen Kitchen Towel Matryoshka Onion "Gzhel" (A2017)

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Linen Kitchen Towel Matryoshka Onion "Gzhel" (A2017) Description

Linen towel "Matryoshka" Onion "Gzhel"
Towel "Onion" looks like an element of the design of your kitchen, designed, along with other textiles, to best decorate its interior. However, the decorativeness of this towel, painted in blue and white colors of Gzhel, does not detract from its excellent practical properties: the natural fabric composition of this useful kitchen accessory allows him to absorb moisture, dry quickly and easily wash off, without losing the saturation of colors and original forms even after many washings. In addition, the cut of this towel provides a comfortable use in all situations, from interior decoration to use as tacking.
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