Tea Cozy Barunya Khohloma.
Tea Cozy Barunya Khohloma.
$ 19.99
Tea Cozy Barunya Khohloma.

Tea Cozy Barunya Khohloma.

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This is a bright and beautiful gift. Interior decoration kitchen and the dream of every housewife. Show the beauty and traditions of Russian culture.
Every great hostess wants to make her home cozier and different from every one else's. This beautiful Khohloma Barynya (landlady) tea cozy doll is made of thick cloth and will look great in your kitchen or in your living room, as well as on the dinner table, keeping your teapot hot longer.

In Russia, tea cozy dolls became popular in the beginning of the XVIII century. That was also the time when tea became the traditional Russian drink. Essentially, a tea cozy is a cloth doll that is placed over a teapot, keeping it hot longer. Additionally, this tea cozy doll may also be used as a great decoration for your teapot.
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