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Russian Lavender Cologne, Novaya Zarya, 100ml/ 3.38oz
Russian Lavender Cologne, Novaya Zarya, 100ml/ 3.38oz
$ 4.99
Russian Lavender Cologne, Novaya Zarya, 100ml/ 3.38oz
SKU: 313515

Russian Lavender Cologne, Novaya Zarya, 100ml/ 3.38oz

Brand: Novaya Zarya


Suitable for all skin types.
It is used as a hygienic refreshing agent.
Russian Lavender cologne is the romance of a summer soul.
Have you ever heard the melody of Russian Provence in the middle of summer? In its sound there is the silence of the sea sky, notes of sultry, slightly humid air walking through the vast expanses with a warm breeze, the barely audible rustle of wings of a butterfly flying past, fabulous chords of untouched fields drowning in magical lavender color.
You can feel the bright sound of the summer symphony from the top notes.
The orange-yellow citrus chords have the scent of the Sun.
Fresh notes of bergamot, fruity-floral sounds of petitgrain with woody-herbaceous nuances, sweet notes of juicy orange – everything screams loudly that summer is already in full swing
Lavender is a magical color with a fascinating sound.
In combination with bewitching rosemary and warm, bittersweet sonorous shades of coumarin, the magical color gives birth to heart notes.
What could be more beautiful than a sunny summer day in the arms of lavender blossoms?
Divine notes of lavender, sweet vanilla with a subtle bitter tint, natural musk create an exceptional melodic background, without which the sound of "Russian Lavender" would be uninteresting.

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