Perfume Water Red Moscow
Perfume Water Red Moscow "Krasnaya Moskva" 100ml (1492)
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Perfume Water Red Moscow "Krasnaya Moskva" 100ml (1492)


"Red Moscow" is a classic. Love for this perfume is transmitted from generation to generation. And not only in Russia - this perfume is known and loved by connoisseurs of good perfumery in France, Canada, USA, Germany... Krasnaya Moskva is the embodiment of the perfumery style of Novaya Zarya factory, based on the best traditions of Russian perfumery, which the factory stores and develops since its foundation in 1864. That is why this perfume is so highly valued by connoisseurs around the world. To this day almost only natural ingredients are used for the manufacture of this fragrance. The top notes are bergamot and neroli, complemented by grapefruit and coriander. Then the sharpness of these notes is replaced by velvety tones of jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang with a light admixture of nutmeg. A trail of scent is a luxurious combination of iris, vanilla, amber, Tonka bean.

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