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New Year's Sweets Set
New Year's Sweets Set "Sweet House", Roshen, 265g/ 13.65oz
$ 8.99
New Year's Sweets Set
SKU: 315094

New Year's Sweets Set "Sweet House", Roshen, 265g/ 13.65oz

Brand: Roshen


A New Year's gift has become a good tradition and a good reason to wait even longer for the holiday. Sweet New Year's gifts are a great opportunity to please children with various goodies and positive emotions. Make a pleasant surprise for your children — give them this wonderful set.
This is a real magical gift that will bring joy and pleasure in the most long-awaited moments of the festive season.
Let the gift give you a smile, comfort and unforgettable impressions in this magical season!
The composition of the set:
1. RED POPPY ROSCHEN - praline candy, 2 pcs
2. CREAM-sloths - chocolate-waffle candy, 1 piece
3. CANDY NUT soft caramel with peanuts - glazed caramel with peanuts, 2 pcs
4. CHAMOMILE ROSHEN - glazed fondant candy, 2 pcs
5. KROCK with peanuts - peanut-caramel paste in cocoa glaze, 2 pcs
6. SHALENA BJILKA FRUTTI - jelly candy with filling, 3 pcs
7. GALARETKA lime - jelly glazed candy, 3 pcs
8. KO KO CHOCO WHITE - chocolate candy, 2 pcs
9. LOLLIPOPS with yogurt flavor - lollipop caramel on a stick, 2 pcs

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