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Natura Siberica

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Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica is an all-natural brand of make-up that offers a skincare line created from wild herbs and other natural products found in Siberia’s ecologically clean region, where nature is not touched by genetic modification and has great health potentials. For centuries, Siberian plants and herbs have been known to have extraordinary antioxidant properties which enhance the body’s well-being and slow the aging process. Today, Natura Siberica takes these properties, expands them with newest technologies and turns them into state-of-the-art skincare line that can make you look younger and rejuvenated in just days.

Being a very young company, Natura Siberica has been developing and perfecting its products very fast. The company has become the first on the Russian market to make organic makeup and today, the name of this brand is well-known far outside of Russia.

Natura Siberica quickly became the dominant company on the Russian and nearby countries’ makeup market due to its use of all-natural components, strict quality control at all stages of production, employment of the best specialists in the area of skin care, creation of new high-tech prototypes, as well as the company’s products’ low price.

Compared to some of the products from the lines mentioned earlier, ingredients in Natura Siberica can only be found in nature and cannot be created in a lab. Natura Siberica products are very competitively priced, which in no way means that they are subpar to those of La Prairie or Estee Lauder, which can cost as much as $600.00! For example, Active Organics day and night creams contain Manchurian Aralia and Japanese Sophora extracts which promote circulation and cell regeneration, strengthen your skin and regulate its lipid balance. Active Organics anti-aging serum is made only from only organic extracts and oils and contains an herb