"Lose Weight in a Week" Nutrition System for Body Cleansing (141314)
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"Lose Weight in a Week" Nutrition System for Body Cleansing (141314)

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According to the recommendations of the experts, weight loss process should be preceded with cleansing of the body to accelerate the elimination of toxins and metabolic products.

This phase takes 7 days (5 days for Cleansing the Body program and 2 days for protein-vegetable diet); it will stimulate your metabolism and start the weight loss process.

If one week is not enough for cleansing the body, repeat this step once again.

The nutrition program advantage is that it cleans the body in three ways:

1. Purgation
2. Liver cleansing
3. Skin cleansing

Other advantages:

- Activation of metabolism with accelerated elimination of metabolic products
- Support for detoxification processes and elimination of excess "bad" cholesterol
- Body weight correction and control
- Appearance improvement

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