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Fruit Tea Drink
Fruit Tea Drink "Cosmopolitan Party", TESS, 20 Pyramids
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Fruit Tea Drink
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Fruit Tea Drink "Cosmopolitan Party", TESS, 20 Pyramids

Brand: TESS


Tess fruit tea is a healthy drink that fans of original combinations will surely appreciate.
It is an exquisite blend of hibiscus, rosehip fruits, apples, cranberries and orange peel.
The finished tea has a pleasant sweet taste with a slight sourness and a magical aroma with citrus notes.
Each Tess pyramid contains a precisely calibrated amount of herbs, fruits and berries needed to make a cup of perfect tea with a delicious taste.
Ingredients: hibiscus, apple, rosehip fruits, cranberry-grapefruit juice flavor, orange peel, crushed cranberries.
Method: brew in a cup or teapot for 3-5 minutes

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