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Easter Mini Postcard Gzhel 7cm x 7cm
Easter Mini Postcard Gzhel 7cm x 7cm
$ 1.49
Easter Mini Postcard Gzhel 7cm x 7cm
SKU: 315496

Easter Mini Postcard Gzhel 7cm x 7cm



A mini greeting card is the perfect way to express your feelings and emotions about a special event. It is perfect for congratulating loved ones, colleagues and friends on their birthday, anniversary, wedding, professional and national holidays.
A bright and colorful image corresponding to the theme of the holiday can be placed on the front side of the postcard. There is enough space inside the postcard to place warm words of congratulations and wishes.
The mini postcard has a compact size, which makes it easy to put it in an envelope, pocket or bag. Thanks to this, you can send greetings at any time and at any distance.
A greeting card is a stylish, practical and affordable way to congratulate loved ones on important events in their lives.

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Easter Mini Postcard 7cm x 7cm


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