Duchess Caramel, 0.55 lb/ 250g
Duchess Caramel, 0.55 lb/ 250g
$ 2.99
Brand: Rot Front
SKU: 3106489

Duchess Caramel, 0.55 lb/ 250g

Duchess lollipops are the famous pear lollipops from the Rot Front factory.
Rich sweet aroma of ripe pears, juicy lemonade taste.
Smooth balls of grass-green color and ask for a mouth.
Indispensable companions on a long journey and excellent companions for home tea drinking.
The long-lasting sweetness of lollipops is perfectly combined with herbal and green tea varieties, as well as with cold summer drinks.
Sugar, molasses, acidity regulator-citric acid, flavors identical to natural "Duchess", "Vanilla", colorants E132, E102
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