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Chocolate Candies with Hazelnuts
Chocolate Candies with Hazelnuts "Velvet Nights", AVK, 226g/ 7.97oz
$ 6.00
Chocolate Candies with Hazelnuts
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Chocolate Candies with Hazelnuts "Velvet Nights", AVK, 226g/ 7.97oz



An exquisite and fragrant dessert that will give you an unforgettable pleasure. The candies are made from high-quality ingredients, so they have a rich taste and a pleasant texture. The composition of the candies includes natural chocolate, which creates a unique combination of sweetness and tenderness.
Each candy has a unique shape, reminiscent of the velvet of the night - a dark, deep and mysterious sky studded with stars. This design is not only attractive in appearance, but also creates a special atmosphere that promotes the enjoyment of taste.
Chocolates “Chocolate Velvet Nights” are ideal for a gift for both adults and children. They will be a wonderful addition to any table and will create an atmosphere of comfort and celebration. Give yourself and your loved ones joy and enjoyment with these delicious candies!

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