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Carnation Cologne, Novaya Zarya, 100ml/ 3.38oz
Carnation Cologne, Novaya Zarya, 100ml/ 3.38oz
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Carnation Cologne, Novaya Zarya, 100ml/ 3.38oz
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Carnation Cologne, Novaya Zarya, 100ml/ 3.38oz

Brand: Novaya Zarya


Top note: carnation
Heart note: floral notes
Base note: musk
Family of fragrances: carnation, floral
Alcohol content: 79.5%
Suitable for all skin types.
It is used as a hygienic refreshing agent.
Cologne "Carnation" is a real song of passion.
Did you know that the fragrance of "Carnation", which has long become a classic, is widely used not only for therapeutic and preventive purposes.
It is considered an effective tool in love magic!
The external use of "Carnation" cologne helps to quickly relieve headaches and muscle spasms.
The top notes are played by Ylang-ylang or "Flower of Flowers". Its sweet pleasant notes relieve tension and anxiety. Therefore, their motives immerse you in an atmosphere of harmony and mutual attraction.
When the notes of the heart are revealed, the sound of the fragrant composition becomes more saturated and intense.
The mesmerizing play of honey jasmine, the charming notes of a blooming rose, the thick and spicy sound of her Majesty carnation.
The fragrance is based on natural musk and benzoin resin. The combination of two natural ingredients is not only responsible for the stability of the fragrance, but also enhances the effects of aphrodisiacs.

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