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Birch Tar Soap, 3.52 oz/ 140 g
Birch Tar Soap, 3.52 oz/ 140 g
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Birch Tar Soap, 3.52 oz/ 140 g



Birch tar is a product of dry distillation of the outer bark of birch (birch bark). Birch tar has a disinfectant, insecticide and local irritating effect.

The composition of tar soap include 10% of birch tar. This is a cheap and high-quality remedy for dealing with various skin diseases, whether it's regular acne or psoriasis. 

Birch Tar Soap has a wide sphere of application:
- It helps in getting rid of lice;
- It cures diseases of the scalp such as seborrhea, allergic manifestations;
- It helps remove acne;
- It can be used as a treatment in dermatology for psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema;
- It cures fungal disease of the feet;
- It can be used for intimate hygiene.

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This Birch Tar Soap is very good for oiled skin, it has dry effect, also good for hand and feet. It has odor which is not too pleasant, but this product is healthy and helpful at home. Thank you

Birch tar soap is just a great thing to have in the house because it's very multipurpose. It smells very strong, and is great for helping with eczema, at least for myself. The bars also can be kept in the closet to deter mice and pests, and its good for hand washing clothes and hats. For the price, this brand is great and the real deal old school Birch tar soap!

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