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Scalp Rubbing Mask
Scalp Rubbing Mask "Russian", Hair Growth Source, Taiga Tales, 100 ml/ 3.38 oz
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Scalp Rubbing Mask "Russian", Hair Growth Source, Taiga Tales, 100 ml/ 3.38 oz

Brand: Taiga Tales


WILD TUVAN ONION stimulates the rapid growth of strong and strong hair due to high content of Biotin and calcium; RYE SOURDOUGH strengthens the roots, nourishes the hair with vitamins and magnesium, which in 2 times accelerate the growth of healthy hair;
CEDAR TAIGA HONEY, which we extract in Tuva, nourishes the hair, makes it soft and silky, saturates with amino acids and folic acid, which are 3 times more in taiga honey than in ordinary honey.
FRESH TAIGA HERBS, which we extract by hand on the banks of the Kaa-Khem river in Tuva, tone the hair, give volume and natural Shine.
- accelerates hair growth;
- increases the effect of shampoo by 5 times;
- deeply nourishes the scalp;
- wakes up sleeping hair follicles.

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