Shampoo Grandma Agafia Dermatological Hair Loss Preventing , 10.14 oz/ 300 Ml

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Grandma Agafia

Shampoo Grandma Agafia Dermatological Hair Loss Preventing Description

Components-activities that are included in the shampoo provide recovery of hair follicle, stimulating increased its circulation, improve skin tone. The root of sweet flag - the traditional means used at the beginning of baldness. It contains large amounts of vitamin C, and has a strong antimicrobial action. Linolenic unsaturated fatty acid, which is part of linseed oil - a natural elixir of youth. It improves cellular metabolism, strengthens the skin's barrier function. Keratin - elastic, durable protein, part of the hair and nails, retains moisture, prevents dehydration of the scalp and hair. Soap root - a natural and gentle means to wash your hair, as opposed to the conventional shampoos. Dermatological shampoo is recommended as a prophylactic against hair loss.

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