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Permanent Eyebrow and Eyelashes Coloring Kit. Dark Chocolate Shade, 0.17 oz / 5 g

SKU: 307425
Fito Cosmetic


New permanent eyebrows and eyelashes coloring kit tints your brows and lashes in rich dark chocolate color. The mixture has a thick consistency, does not stain the skin!
Eyebrow tint pleasantly surprises with its permanence and efficiency, it won't wash off (even when using cleansing milk and foam) more than a month. The coloring mixture has a faint, neutral smell.
1) cleanse the eyebrows and eyelashes, apply cream to the skin around the eyes
2) in a non-metallic bowl combine contents of the two packages to obtain a thick mixture
3) gently apply the mixture to eyebrowa using a Q tip. In 10-15 minutes remove the paint with a cotton ball and rinse with water
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