Nezhin Zucchini Spread (Squash Paste), 15.87 oz/ 450 g

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Nezhin Zucchini Spread (Squash Paste) Description

Zucchini Spread "Nezhin" is the most common caviar spread in Russia (Zucchini Spread is commonly called Zucchini caviar in Russia).

This dish has a high taste qualities. 

By tradition, it is combined with soft bread and peas, however, zucchini spread is also good for cooking sandwiches. Taste of Zucchini Spread goes well with a taste of main dishes such as rice, potatoes, pasta.

Caviar of squash is not only delicious but also a healthy dish.

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My favorite.
It is tasty, fresh and fun to eat with the bread.
Покупаю кабачковую икру только этой фирмы, т.к. очень близка по вкусу к той, что продавали в России.