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Wooden Small Spoon Khokhloma Red, Hand-Painted, 5.5 inches
Wooden Small Spoon Khokhloma Red, Hand-Painted, 5.5 inches
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Wooden Small Spoon Khokhloma Red, Hand-Painted, 5.5 inches

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Wooden spoons are a reflection of the identity of our Russian culture and cultural traditions. The history of wooden spoons in Russia is very interesting and informative.
Wooden spoons have come to us from the depths of centuries, charming everyone with their uniqueness and color.
The first mention in history of Russian spoons is found in the "Tale of Bygone Years", which describes a feast at Prince Vladimir.
This feast is famous for the fact that the vigilantes were outraged when they were treated not with silver spoons, but with wooden ones.
The prince immediately ordered the forging of silver coins, according to the legend.
However, the wooden spoon still existed for a long time in Russia, despite the fact that the rapid development of metallurgy led to the displacement of wooden objects from everyday use.
Wooden spoons are also good because they can be used for their intended purpose.
Food will become a hundred times tastier and more flavorful if you eat it with wooden spoons.
In addition, if you use a wooden spoon while eating, you will never be able to burn yourself with hot food. This is proven in practice - after wooden spoons, it is very difficult to eat with metal spoons.

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