"Chocolate Prince" Waffle Cake Classic, 0.64 lb / 290 g

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Russian Chocolate

"Chocolate Prince" Waffle Cake Classic Description

Chocolate-waffle cake "Prince" is a combination of crispy waffles, layered with milk fondant with nuts, and glazed with the dark chocolate.

Waffle cake is a delicacy which would be a satisfying addition to your tea or coffee! 

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A wonderful dessert: light, crispy and fresh! Прекрасный лёгкий шоколадно-ореховый десерт и, что приятно, свежий!
Part of my relaxing at home evening routine... Prince cake with a pot of Ivan Chai. Share this fun routine with American friends, they have never done this and will really enjoy it. The Prince cake is perfectly acceptable to serve after a nice meal to guests.