Jar of Vacuum Anti Cellulite Massage, 2 Cups
Jar of Vacuum Anti Cellulite Massage, 2 Cups
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Jar of Vacuum Anti Cellulite Massage, 2 Cups

Jar of Vacuum Anti Cellulite Massage, 2 Cups

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Vacuum massage is based on the stimulation of cutaneous receptors and effects on certain points that have a positive effect on internal organs and supports their functions. Banks vacuum massage - are the main tool for this type of massage. Using them is more intense rush of blood to the skin, thereby increasing its elasticity and uprugost.Meditsinskie vacuum "Wonder Banks" are also used to treat cellulite. Before applying the miracle of banks to lubricate the skin of any oil or cream that are used for massage. After that, vacuum massage banks are set at a certain place of the body, and there is the possibility of dosing the compression and power vacuum. Treatment and its duration depends on the type of disease and the physician on an individual program.
Under these colds as bronchitis, pneumonia and influenza doing a motion in a spiral pattern on the back from the center to the shoulders. "The Miracle of the bank is helping to get rid of fever and phlegm, as well as its impact is improving the process of respiration.
In osteochondrosis of the neck is recommended to do a circular motion in the seventh vertebra, and for osteochondrosis with cans make the movement upwards from the waist to the neck.
Anti-cellulite "Wonder Banks" are used very simply. It's enough anti-cellulite vacuum banks to hold on problem areas in a circular and linear motion. Cellulite massage is not just banks stretches the skin, it destroys fat cells. In the application of vacuum massage cans, there are some contraindications, and therefore need specialist advice.
Banks are not recommended to be put on the kidneys, heart, breast and spine. Made from a special plastic jars, used in medicine, their diameter of 60 millimeters. Only positive feedback about the massage banks say about their effectiveness, quality and ease of use.
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