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Laundry Soap
Laundry Soap "72%" with Glycerin, Neva Cosmetics, 180 g/ 0.4 lb
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Laundry Soap
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Laundry Soap "72%" with Glycerin, Neva Cosmetics, 180 g/ 0.4 lb

Brand: Nevskaya Kosmetika


For washing, cleaning, washing dishes and hands. Does not dry the skin.
Classic Laundry Soap does not contain dyes and perfume compositions.
It foams profusely even in cold water.
It is created on a natural basis, does not contain prohibited ingredients and is safe for use.
In addition to its direct purpose, especially in the post-Soviet space, Laundry Soap is used as a cosmetic and antiseptic agent. The active use of its anti-inflammatory properties has been noticed by for bites of animals and insects, as well as abrasions and small cuts. According to experts, these qualities of Laundry Soap are provided by a high content of alkali, which creates an environment that prevents the reproduction of harmful bacteria.
Due to its bactericidal properties, Laundry Soap is used in alternative medicine as an antiseptic of the nasal cavity for acute respiratory infections and colds.
Using the reputation of 100 % organic and hypoallergenic, Laundry Soap has become widespread among connoisseurs of environmentally friendly products as a universal means of hygiene and cleanliness applicable in everyday life from washing clothes to washing dishes.

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