Teymurov paste, 1.76 oz/ 50 g
Teymurov paste, 1.76 oz/ 50 g
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Teymurov paste, 1.76 oz/ 50 g
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Teymurov paste, 1.76 oz/ 50 g


"Teymurov's paste" (lat. Pasta Teimurovi) is a combined medicinal product with the composition boric acid+methenamine+talc+sodium tetraborate+salicylic acid+lead acetate+formaldehyde+zinc oxide (INN).
Teymurov paste was developed by a domestic manufacturer to reduce sweating, disinfect the treated skin areas and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Dosage regimen
Locally. Before applying the paste, wash your feet and dry them thoroughly.
The paste is rubbed into the skin of the feet for 1-3 minutes 1 time a day daily for 3-4 days.
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Good expiration date on package, fast shipping, received within 4 days, highly recommend!

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