Good site.Good products.Good choices.Delivery charges outrages and this is a factor which stops me to purchase more often.

Happy New Year!
Bella Dec 28, 2018
Great fresh food I love, delivery was faster then expected, will sure order again.
Diana Dec 17, 2018
Прекрасный сервис, быстрая доставка, хорошо организованная коммуникация с покупателями.
Сайт довольно удобный, однако, система не даёт возможности ввести два разных адреса на доставку и оплату. Они не всегда совпадают.
Dmitry Dec 16, 2018
I was on this site year's back when it was a different name I think. I didn't get anything then but I got some things this time I really like it. I need more time to browse around for other things for my sladkiy and I. My order came instantly I think I ordered on like Wednesday and it was here Friday. Great site thank you guys!
schuyler Dec 14, 2018
Can’t wait to try It!!
Laura Dec 11, 2018
As a Russian living in The US. And misses home. This online market has almost everything I grew up on! Can’t wait for next shipment!!! Thank you!!
Laura Dec 11, 2018
Что бы я не заказала у вас,все очень красиво упаковано,все вкусно и качественно,спасибо вас всем огромное за радость,которую вы доставляете вместе с заказом.Успехов вам и счастливого Нового года.
Iraida Y Dec 10, 2018
Great website. Highly recommend. Prices are rye same or a bit lower that in the stores in DC amd much lower from the NC. Or VA.
Delivery was fast. Everything came ok.
Soslan Dec 8, 2018
Very happy with the purchase and shipment.
Olena Dec 6, 2018
Extremely pleased with the quality and freshness of food. Great customer service. Very efficient. Five stars.
Viktoria Nov 25, 2018
service was excellent the only problem I had was there was so much cool things I wanted ,it was the best accidental site I ever found will and have recommended to friends and family
david Nov 18, 2018
Very good site and service. I’ve ordered 9 porcelain figurines for year 2019 and the calendar. Ordering process was easy, all my souvenirs arrived very quickly, were nicely packaged, good quality and exactly what I expected. Thank you, good job!
Irina Nov 15, 2018
Great site to buy all my favorite RU items from. Always delicious too!
Dmitriy Nov 12, 2018
Food came on time and expertly packed, nothing was broken or smashed! Will definitely be ordering again in the near future.
Brandy Nov 10, 2018
Good site, a lot of variety. A little expensive though.
Marina Nov 10, 2018
great website people go there and use their products
you won't regret
Leonarda Nov 5, 2018
good service, easy to make order, big assortment
Maria Oct 28, 2018
This was my first time ordering and I had a great experience. The shipping was very fast. I would recommend Russian Food USA!
Nancy Sep 20, 2018
I want to praise Russian Food USA for being such a great destination for all kinds of Russian food products. Site provides easy navigation, Customer Service is excellent and prices are quite fair. Orders arrive very quickly and are well packaged. It's a pleasure doing business with this company. Thank you and keep up good work!
Yuri Sep 18, 2018
I LOVE RussianFoodUSA! The website is easy to navigate, the loyalty program is good and the service is excellent!
James Sep 13, 2018