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Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea "Chamomile", Medovy Dom, 80g/ 2.82oz
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Herbal Tea
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Herbal Tea "Chamomile", Medovy Dom, 80g/ 2.82oz

Brand: Medovy Dom
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The unique plants of honey meadows became the basis of this collection of herbal collections.
Specially selected combinations of herbs will replenish the supply of nutrients in the body, will give you Siberian health, Caucasian longevity and will be another step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: chamomile flowers.
Cooking method:
1. Boil water, cool for 2-3 minutes.
2. 1 teaspoon of herb collection put in a cup.
3. Pour 200ml of hot water.
4. Insist 7-10 minutes. If desired, honey can be added to the finished herbal tea to taste.

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