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Sweet Cheese with Raisin, 15oz 425 gr
Sweet Cheese with Raisin, 15oz 425 gr
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Sweet Cheese with Raisin, 15oz 425 gr
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Sweet Cheese with Raisin, 15oz 425 gr



This exquisite dessert is manufactured according to well-tried recipes which accounts for its perfect, unsurpassed taste! No surprise it is so popular with children!

However, Sweet cheese with raisin is valuable not only for its superb palatability. Made of the best, absolutely natural primary products it is perfectly balanced in microelements, vitamins and nutritive value. Due to special ingredients combined in the best proportion this yummy is incredibly useful and healthy for different age and health group.

Sweet cheese with raisin is especially beneficial for children, adolescents, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Due to the content of vitamin B12 it helps DNA synthesis of myelin and promotes the synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol, steroid hormones.

Listing of useful properties and positive effects of sweet cheese with raisin will take a great deal of time indeed! Pamper your family with this delicate, wholesome and fantastically tasty dessert!

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Вкусный, с уменьшинном количеством сахара, к кофе отлично.

Творог дошел хорошо, упаковка отличная. Но, вкус не то что надеялась и помню с детства. Творог водянистый, крупное зерно, изюм плавает можно сказать в сыворотке. Совсем не тот нежный творог что ожидала. Сьели конечно, но повторно покупать этот продукт не буду.

Вкус мне понравился, но не нашла ни одной изюминки в твороге

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