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Sunflower Halva
Sunflower Halva "Marble Fantasy", 19.04 oz / 550 g
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Sunflower Halva "Marble Fantasy", 19.04 oz / 550 g



Amazing properties of halva are determined by its the components, as the production technology allows to save all the nutrients. The paste of sunflower seeds, as sunflower seeds themselves, is rich in vitamins F1, B, A, C, E, contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, iodine, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus. Such a collection of useful elements has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, the condition of nails, hair, skin and prevents the aging process. Traditional oriental halva is famous for the ability to treat migraines, colds, improve vision and restore immunity. 

But most of all Halva is a delicious treat from the East which is so popular all over the world. The varieties of it are numerous, but there is no doubt that it is always amazingly tasty and delightful! 

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