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SUGAR FREE Marmalade Orange, Live Sweets, 0.37 lb/170 g
SUGAR FREE Marmalade Orange, Live Sweets, 0.37 lb/170 g
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SUGAR FREE Marmalade Orange, Live Sweets, 0.37 lb/170 g



It has anti-aging properties.
Contains: dietary fiber, phytoncides, B1, B6, C.
Orange is an evergreen fruit tree that belongs to the Rutaceae family of the citrus subfamily. It is known that the first orange tree was brought to Europe by the Portuguese.
Now this surprisingly delicious fruit is widely distributed throughout the Mediterranean coast and in Central America.
Oranges have long been known for their unique healing properties, which are carefully and fully preserved in marmalade with the taste of "orange" from "confael". It contains almost all the necessary vitamins and minerals for normal development of the body - A, B1, B2, PP, C, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, iron, potassium, calcium.
In addition, 150 grams of orange are a source of 80 mg of ascorbic acid, which is the daily requirement of the human body for vitamin C.
Oranges have a beneficial effect on the digestive, cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems. They help heal boils and wounds, strengthen nerves and have a calming effect.
"Live candy" with orange is a delicious and healthy dessert that helps to improve your appetite. In addition, their use for the prevention of hypovitaminosis, diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
Contents: orange, fructose, molasses, citric acid, gelling components-extracts from seaweed, sorbic acid, sweetener (stevia extract).
Calories: 274 kcal. per 100 g.


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